Fleet Insurance in Florida

If your business has more than one vehicle, or more than one type of vehicle, you may need to think about purchasing fleet insurance. Fleet insurance means that you’re buying bulk insurance to cover a number of commercial vehicles. The type of insurance that you will need depends upon the use of the vehicles that you want to insure.

Why insure everything under one policy instead of purchasing a policy for each vehicle? For one, you’ll get a huge discount. Think about operating a construction company, and all the vehicles that go with that. To be able to cover them all with one payment under one policy would save you a lot of time, hassle, and money.

What kinds of operations need fleet insurance?

 There are lots of different types of businesses that could profit from carrying fleet insurance. For instance:

Catering companies and catering truck operations

Security patrols

Construction companies

Plumbing and electrical companies

HVAC companies

Oil and gas haulers

Moving companies

Trucking companies

Tow trucks

Passenger carriers such as limousines, buses, and even Uber drivers who are operating more than one vehicle.

Your premiums are generally based on the type of vehicle, the type of business that you’re conducting, radius of operation, and the driving records of your operators. Policies can include coverage for uninsured motorists, personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, comprehensive coverage, collision, and even medical pay.

Why Insure?

When you purchase insurance for your vehicle, whether it is personal or commercial, it’s not so much about your driving skills, or the skills of your vehicle operators. It’s about The Other Guy. You know The Other Guy – he speeds, tailgates, cuts you off in traffic, drives on the shoulder, leans on the horn. He’s texting, talking, sometimes even shaving, and in every way doing everything that you were told not to do when you drive. When you purchase insurance, it’s because you know this guy is on the road, and sooner or later you’re going to meet up with him. In fact, The Other Guy may not even have insurance – it’s estimated by the Insurance Institute that close to one in four drivers in Florida are uninsured.

And let’s face it, we have a big problem with car accidents. Statewide in 2017 there have already been close to 300,000 accidents, with over 180,000 total injuries. Commercial vehicle crashes and accidents comprised nearly 32,000 of those accidents – or slightly over 10 percent. Is that enough to make you think?

Fleet Insurance Is Worth It

The number of times that we go out the door and return home every evening without an accident makes us think that somehow we are immune. Accidents are something that happens to someone else. When you are insuring your livelihood, you need an extra measure of protection not just for you but for the people who work for you. Talk to one of our independent insurance agents about fleet insurance for your business vehicles, and crafting a commercial insurance policy that keeps you covered no matter what.