Your Guide to Florida Restaurant Insurance

When you’re setting up a new Florida restaurant business, you’ve got a lot to think about. Perhaps insurance coverage isn’t high on your list, but if you plan to be successful and have lasting stability in your livelihood, you’ll need to understand Florida restaurant insurance coverage options and invest in the right ones for your […]

The Need for Cyber Insurance in Business

Cyber insurance may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it’s on the rise, and is now considered a necessity in some circles. All it takes is a simple look back at data breaches in recent years such as Target to see why. Here are a few things to consider if you’re […]

Weirdest Insurance Claims in 2016

When the most you can say about 2016 is that it was an alright year, it’s time to lighten up with a few tales of insurance mayhem. Here are just a few of the strangest occurrences that may have caused an insurance agent to reconsider their life, and look at their choices. 1. Man’s house […]

Florida Insurance Scam Alert!

Just in time for a renewal of hurricane season, along come the scammers. You have to admit, this time they aimed high by impersonating Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier himself. These emails were first brought to everyone’s attention on September 8, but as with all scams the news rarely gets to the people it needs to. […]

Credit Scores and Insurance Premiums: Fix One to Lower the Other

If you’re wondering why your insurance rates on your car and home are going up, it’s because your credit score may be going down. Your credit score determines a lot of things that happen in your life from obtaining a home loan, an apartment, being awarded credit, and even getting insurance. According to Wallethub.com Florida […]

You Can Insure That?

We’ve covered a lot of insurance types on this blog. We’ve covered homeowner’s insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance, liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance. We’ve talked to you about insuring your car, your residence, your boat, and how to make your world a safer place. In this post were going to go in a slightly […]

Pokémon Go Causing New Insurance Issues

People driving and playing Pokémon Go at the same time may be subject to distracted driving laws that prohibit texting or talking on a device while operating a motor vehicle

2016 Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Part 2: Make a Plan

Once you have the basics that we covered in part one, you need to develop your hurricane preparedness plan all the way home. You can start by checking out this guide from the United States Coast Guard, it covers the basics and more about what supplies you will need from first-aid kits to the hardware […]

2016 Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Part 1: Stocking Up

It’s time to get ready again for hurricane season. Even if we haven’t had a direct hit in more than 10 years, there is always the potential that a hurricane or tropical storm could wreak havoc with South Florida. A lot of people have moved into the area in the past 11 years who have […]

Buyer Beware: Your Roof and Homeowner’s Insurance

A well-maintained roof, in good condition, is one feature of a home that can really reel a buyer in. After all, the roof is the most important part of your home, and replacing a roof is an expensive proposition. But even if the roof is new and looks great, that’s not a guarantee that it’s […]