Your Guide to Florida Restaurant Insurance

When you’re setting up a new Florida restaurant business, you’ve got a lot to think about. Perhaps insurance coverage isn’t high on your list, but if you plan to be successful and have lasting stability in your livelihood, you’ll need to understand Florida restaurant insurance coverage options and invest in the right ones for your […]

Florida Business: General Liability Quotes for Car Wash

Sure, it may seem as though you don’t need to obtain general liability quotes for car wash businesses. That would be an incorrect assessment, though. You’re a small business owner that’s simply washing a bunch of cars. What could go wrong? In short, many things could go wrong. General Liability Quotes for Car Wash Businesses […]

Fleet Insurance in Florida

If your business has more than one vehicle, or more than one type of vehicle, you may need to think about purchasing fleet insurance. Fleet insurance means that you’re buying bulk insurance to cover a number of commercial vehicles. The type of insurance that you will need depends upon the use of the vehicles that […]

Commercial Driving Businesses Need Commercial Auto

Q: I started out driving for Uber and Lyft, but now I am opening my own limousine service in a couple of months. I have a good client list from doing ride-share, and now I own a limousine. What kind of limousine insurance am I going to need? A: It’s great that you’re going to […]

Rideshare Companies Take Drivers for a Ride

In the “gig economy’ freelancing, temping, and “sharing” are a part of financial reality for millions of people. The people offering their services to rideshare companies where they use their personal vehicle for business are mostly male, young, urban, and members of lower income ethnic groups. These jobs provide a vital boost to the finances […]

Covering Your Business: Protect Your Income

Does your commercial policy cover the interruption of business income during a loss? With the history of South Florida and hurricanes, you may want to consider adding this very important but often misunderstood policy to your business insurance package. Business interruption insurance should be considered as vital as fire, theft, and Workmen’s Compensation. Business interruption […]