What is Keeping Millennials From Buying a Home?

It’s time that we stopped referring to Millennials as kids. The oldest members of the cohort are now in their mid-30s, and by large the only ones who are still in school are now postgrad. Yet again the press is bemoaning the fact that this generation has put off getting into the homeowning market far […]

What to Know Before Listing Your Air BnB Miami Rental

It may not be possible to have a neutral opinion on Air BnB, the once quirky 2008 startup that permitted travelers to couch-surf the world over. In a few short years, the short term rental market has bloomed, with homeowners using the extra income to claw themselves out of the recession and apartment dwellers to […]

Top Miami-Dade Schools: Get an A!

When buying a home, one of the most serious considerations for any family is what schools in the area are the best for their children. Taking a look around Miami-Dade, it’s hard not to be impressed with public school choices like Design and Architecture Senior High – the #20 high school in US News and […]

4 Reasons Why Miami Renters Are Not Buying Homes in Miami

Bluntly? You reap what you sow. The economy depends on young people entering the housing market as a young family, buying starter homes, freeing up another family to move into a bigger house. Right now homeownership is at a 50 year low, and student debt is at an all-time high, and though people may hesitate […]