General Liability Quotes for Car Wash

Sure, it may seem as though you don’t need to obtain general liability quotes for car wash businesses. That would be an incorrect assessment, though. You’re a small business owner that’s simply washing a bunch of cars. What could go wrong? In short, many things could go wrong.

General Liability Quotes for Car Wash Businesses

It’s important to get general liability quotes for car wash businesses of any size—even a one-man detail operation. General liability for your car wash business should be one of the first things to consider before you open your doors. Check out the following insurance options for car wash businesses.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is vital because it not only protects your business but it also protects your customers. If your customers injure themselves in an area of your car wash business, then your business could be held liable for the injuries, depending on the circumstances.

This type of insurance protects you by covering the medical expenses related to the injury plus any lawsuits filed by the customer. General liability also expands as your company grows and will also include new services and/or locations unless these terms are specifically excluded from your insurance policy contract.

Another option to consider is getting it all in a single business owners policy (BOP). It includes general liability, property protection, and more. It can be tailored to fit the needs of your business to protect your company against unexpected damage or financial losses that are not covered by general liability.

Garagekeepers Coverage

No matter the details of your car wash operation, general liability coverage does not include your customer’s property while it is under your care, possession, and control. Even if your client drives their car up to the automatic tunnel wash, and after going through discovers a scratch from a brush—general liability does not cover this.

Instead, Garagekeepers can cover the cost of the damage to your customer’s car. The following are the three types of coverage you can choose from:

  • Legal – This is the least expensive but it only pays for any damages due to negligence on the part of the insured.
  • Direct Excess – This is slightly more expensive than legal but it delivers better coverage. If no negligence resulted on the part of the insured, the customer’s insurance is expected to pay initial damage expenses. If the customer does not have coverage or the policy limits cap out, then the direct access payment kicks in.
  • Direct Primary – This type of coverage is the most expensive and most comprehensive. It covers the vehicles in possession of the insured. It pays out regardless of negligence and policy limits.

Get Your Car Wash General Liability Quote

Whether you’re operating a fully decked out car wash with an automated system and hand washing services or if you’re a one-man crew, it’s essential to keep your car wash business and customers protected with at least the basic general liability insurance. For a thorough review and customized recommendation, reach out to the insurance specialists at E&L Insurance, today!