car insurance

It takes a fair bit of effort to lose your car insurance, but the surest way is to be less than honest on your car insurance application. If you are in an accident, you could end up with your insurance pulled and be left holding the bag for your car repairs. Worse, you could also end up being sued for damages to the other party’s car, as well. The thing is that a lot of people lie or omit things from their car insurance application and just because you were not called out on it, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Not only could you meet up with Driver X, you could lose your insurance because you committed fraud.

Wait. What?

Worse, it’s not as if the insurance agents don’t know that people commit fraud – lie or omit vital information – to get insurance. This can blow up in your face at the worst possible time, since car insurance is only 50 percent about you and how or what you drive. The other 50 percent of insurance is about Driver X.

Driver X is the human being you never want to think of behind the wheel. They are lane jumpers, tailgaters, speeders, road-ragers, they text, put on makeup and shave at the wheel – sometimes all at the same time. They drive drunk, high, distracted, recklessly, and are often on a fist name with the traffic court. They collect tickets and citations like it’s their job. When you meet them, you’re generally going to meet with a collision, a body shop estimate, and an insurance adjuster, too. Driver X is the reason that insurance is necessary.

What You Need To Come Clean About

  • How many people over the age of 15 are in your household – you need to do this whether or not they drive the car you want to insure.
  • Who the main driver of the car is going to be. Do not put your name down as the primary driver when it’s actually your 17 year old son.
  • How many miles you will drive each day. Don’t say you’re going to drive around town on personal errands when you’re commuting 30 miles a day.
  • Whether your car is being driven as a personal vehicle or a business vehicle. If the car is being used by a teenager for a pizza delivery job, or a delivery vehicle for a business, you need to insure it as a business vehicle.
  • If you are going to use the car as a rideshare vehicle for Uber or Lyft. You will need to have a special insurance policy that covers rideshare drivers.

Come Clean

If you might have left a couple of things out, or just flat out told some whoppers, you should come see one of our independent E & L insurance agents. Let’s get your insurance coverage right, and make sure that you’re taken care of in case you meet up with Driver X, instead of rolling out with a false sense of security.