Anyone who has ever been a parent remembers that babies go through a lot of diapers, and diapers cost a lot of money. Not many people who are not parents know that most day care centers will not accept an infant unless the parents furnish their own diapers for their child. Moreover, clean and dry diapers are essential for babies’ health. Yet, diapers are not covered by food stamps; in fact they are a disallowed purchase like alcohol or cigarettes. When an infant may need to be changed as often as 12 times a day, and a toddler around eight times, it can be a huge expense even for a middle class family. For a low income family, it can be almost impossible to keep up with those needs without cutting vital expenses, and for those in poverty it can be an insurmountable obstacle. One in three American families lack access to sufficient diapers for their kids.

Here are some facts about America’s children and the need for diapers:

  • 47 percent of American children age 0-3 years living in low income families. The number of children in American from 0-3 years is about 11 million – that’s over 5 million children from low income families.
  • TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) covers diapers, but that money also goes to utilities, rent, clothing, and transportation. No other programs at the state or federal level cover diapers.
  • Low income and families in poverty access diapers from diaper banks, food banks, social services, and other community or faith groups.
  • Diapers can run as much as $100 per month. The average cost of a diaper at a big box store is .33 cents, but for families buying small packs at neighborhood stores, the cost can be twice that.
  • Unless supplied with diapers, many infants and toddlers can’t attend early childhood education and day care. The schools just don’t have the budget, and so require parents to send their child with their own supply.
  • Kids with a head start on education have better rates of high school graduation and a better chance at making it through college.
  • In Florida alone, diaper banks distribute over 4 million diapers a year.

E&L is partnering with the Miami Diaper Bank on Give Day to help get diapers to babies in need. Who are they? The Miami Diaper Bank is a nonprofit dedicated to collecting diapers and giving them to families in need of diapers across South Florida. And what is Give Day? Give Day is also called Give to the Max Day, and it’s a day when people give online to their favorite charities between midnight on November 17 and midnight November 18. By giving to the Miami Diaper Bank, you’re helping families get their children to day care, get themselves to work, keep babies healthy and happy, and helping a family meet other vital expenses.

Did you ever think that diapers could do that much? They can, and you can help to get them where they are needed most. Partner with us on Give Day, and help babies all over South Florida get the diapers they need!