Independent Insurance AgentToday’s marketplace is full of global movers and shakers. While there’s nothing wrong with this type of organization, sometimes it’s better to scale things down a bit and bring back the personal approach to doing business. This is especially true when it comes to navigating the tricky waters surrounding your various insurance policies. To help you understand why an independent insurance agent by your side is your best option, let’s take a look at what you have to gain by going down this path.

Convenience and Choice in One Place

Traditionally, independent agents aren’t affiliated with just one service provider, so working with this type of consultant gives you access to a wide variety of quotes and coverage plans, all in one. While this is definitely far more convenient than connecting with each insurer one-by-one, Regions Bank also notes in its look into independent agencies that this method of looking for the right plan can also save your wallet or purse from an unnecessary hit.

The “Always On” World

Is there anything worse than calling into a major corporate hotline and waiting for what seems like hours to talk with a live person? While this is the epitome of a “first world problem,” that doesn’t change the fact that waiting around for answers to your insurance questions can ruin an already hectic day. However, working with an independent insurance agent often removes this barrier, providing you with constant access to your agent.

As Andrea Wells of the Insurance Journal reports, 75.2 percent of agents have active Facebook accounts, while 73.2 percent use LinkedIn, and 28.5 percent tweet regularly. Adding in that 84.7 of these “social” agents check in via smartphones further solidifies the concept that social media has added a new dimension of staying in touch. Basically, if it’s easier for you to connect and ask a question with a private message on these networks, independent agents offer access in this arena that simply can’t be duplicated by larger organizations.

What’s Good for You Is Good for the Independent Agent

Of course, there’s more to providing consulting help and coverage selections than posting on Facebook when it comes to finding the right insurance plan. In its look at the advantages of working with an independent agent, Financial Web notes that you can trust these agents when looking for unbiased advice. This is due in large part because what’s good for you is good for your agent. If this professional leads you astray and offers subpar guidance, chances are you won’t be sticking with them for very long, so naturally it’s in their best interests to provide exemplary assistance and service.

Whether it’s helping you find the right insurance coverage or standing by your side when filing a claim, independent insurance agents bring a lot to the table in terms of quality service and support. With everything you’ve learned about these benefits guiding you along the way, it’s easy to see that you’ll be hard pressed to go wrong with choosing this type of agent to help you find the perfect plan for you and your assets.