How You and Your Home Can Survive Extreme-Weather

In the words of the Extreme Weather Survival Guide, when it comes to weather events, abnormal is now the new normal. For natural disasters the likes of tornadoes, floods, wildfires, hurricanes and droughts, the trend seems to point to two things: greater intensity and frequency. According to Thomas Kostigen, author of Extreme Weather Survival Guide, […]

3 Ways to Make Yours a Disaster-Resilient Home

Homes are important. Whether cozy or colossal, for many, owning a home is the pinnacle of a dream. Not all homes, however, are created equal. Some houses are designed so much stronger than others, and thus, are more resilient. The Resilient Design Institute defines resilience as “the capacity to bounce back after a disturbance or […]

Home Insurance in Florida: Options Open Up

Owning and buying a home in Florida is changing for the better as we get into the new year. With the overall lack of severe tropical storms in the last few years—the Sun Sentinel reports that the state has gotten lucky with nine consecutive storm seasons rolling in and out with little more than some […]

Close the Shutters! Inclement Weather Protection for Your Home

If you live along the coast, anywhere from Maine to Texas, you’ve probably dealt with at least one hurricane before. The resulting damage can be anywhere from nonexistent to devastating; the sudden changes of pressure, the buffeting rain and the biting wind can do a number on any standing structure, and it’s no surprise that […]

Coverage for Your Contents

Your “to-do” list just keeps growing this time of year. Problem is, some things – like protecting yourself – are easy to overlook. But the two quickest ways to ruin your family’s holiday cheer are burglary and accidental damage, often to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars during the holiday season. Protect […]

Making the Right Call When It Comes to Canceling Your Flood Insurance

There’s no denying that flood insurance can be a heavy financial burden for those living here in Florida. However, does this mean that you should go ahead and cancel your plan in the hopes of saving a few bucks here and there? To find the right answer to this tricky question, let’s take a look […]

Understanding the Difference between a Sinkhole and Catastrophic Ground Collapse

As a homeowner, there’s plenty on your plate to worry about when it comes to natural disasters and environmental risks. However, chances are threats from below the surface aren’t too high up on your list currently. Unfortunately, this outlook could soon start shifting. As Christopher Balogh of The Atlantic points out, with sinkhole activity on […]

Understanding What the Citizen’s Insurance Rate Decrease Means for You

Sometimes it feels like there’s not a whole lot of nice things to say about your property insurance policy, especially when you see the bill sitting in your mailbox. If this describes your outlook regarding Citizens Property Insurance, you might be humming a more upbeat tune soon. Taking effect in 2015 is a new rate […]

Avoiding Homeowners Insurance Fraud at the Hands of Your Contractor

Your home is a sanctuary. It’s where you go to get away from the stress of the outside world and spend time with those closest to you. Unfortunately, just because your home is a special place doesn’t mean that it is impervious to the threat of fraudulent activity. In fact, the Nebraska Department of Insurance’s […]

Do You Really Need Flood Insurance If You Don’t Live In a Flood Zone?

During tough economic times, everyone’s looking to save a few bucks here and there, especially when it comes to major expenses like insurance. However, skimping on coverage is a quick way to find yourself in a pretty precarious position when disaster strikes. Sure, it might not seem like you need flood insurance, especially if you […]