Florida Needs to Fix Assignment of Benefits

Assignment of Benefits started out as a great idea that would allow homeowners to rapidly make repairs to their home by assigning the insurance payout to their contractor. Sounds awesome, right? A pipe breaks in the middle of the night and damages everything on the first floor, or smoke and water damage from a fire […]

Assignment of Benefits in Florida is Out of Control

If the legislature in Tallahassee was a football player, they would be Jim Marshall – the defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings who in 1964 ran 66 yards the wrong way into his own end zone. The legislative session has adjourned with a complete failure to pass any solution to the out-of-control Assignment of Benefits […]

Follow the Money: Assignment of Benefits

In the wake of the disaster, is very tempting to put everything in someone else’s hands while you try rebuild as much of your life as possible. Whether it’s a fire, flood, or hurricane, your life has been upended and your desire to return your business and your family to a normal routine can be […]