What to Know About Insurance for Concrete Contractors

Concrete contractors are responsible for building the foundation of our society. Every building and major structure you have ever inhabited or been inside of was once little more than the plans of a concrete engineer. Their work is truly some of the most important. However, this line of work is not without its risks. The […]

Your Guide to Florida Restaurant Insurance

When you’re setting up a new Florida restaurant business, you’ve got a lot to think about. Perhaps insurance coverage isn’t high on your list, but if you plan to be successful and have lasting stability in your livelihood, you’ll need to understand Florida restaurant insurance coverage options and invest in the right ones for your […]

What You Need to Know About Florida Small Business Insurance

Florida is an incredible place to own and operate a business. For a small business, the warm, sunny climate and tourist-friendly atmosphere mean great foot traffic and the state’s lack of income tax means launching a business is easier here than perhaps anywhere else. Protecting the investment that you make in your business is important, […]

The Need for Cyber Insurance in Business

Cyber insurance may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it’s on the rise, and is now considered a necessity in some circles. All it takes is a simple look back at data breaches in recent years such as Target to see why. Here are a few things to consider if you’re […]

What Insurance Does my Business Need for Drones?

Unless you are already the owner and operator of a drone, you might not know that the FAA finalized rules regarding drones in August 2016. The FAA fully expects that within a year of these regulations being issued, that over 600,000 units will be in commercial use – from 20,000 drones that were registered by […]

5 Lessons for New Businesses: Do It Right

Starting a new business is not easy on the bank account, and your first few years will be critical. According to Statistic Brain an average of 25 percent of startups will fail in their first year, and depending on the industry failure rates by year four can be anywhere from 37 percent to 56 percent. […]

Start Up Right: An Insurance Snapshot for Your New Business

Opening your own business is one of the most exciting, worrying, happiest, and busiest things you will ever do in your life. Striking out on your own is an experience akin to leaving home for the first time, and realizing that you own the show now, and have to perform. You’ve already covered your business […]

Satisfying Workers’ Compensation Requirements in Construction

You’ve started a small business in construction, and now you have to figure out all of the requirements of your state for insurance and workers’ compensation. Most of the states in the U.S., barring a few exceptions, make it a requirement that employers buy and provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. Florida is no […]