Your Hurricane Safety Kit Checklist and Preparedness Guide

With beautiful weather visiting most of the country for summer, it’s hard to think of anything other than sunny days and happy times. However, for those who live along the coastlines and nearby areas, a more dangerous time of year is looming. Hurricane season is on the horizon. Are you and your family ready? Is […]

Why Your Hurricane Insurance May Not Be Adequate

It’s safe to say that the long low of years without hurricanes or tropical storms may be over for Florida. The 2017 hurricane season with 18 named storms was the most active since 2005. Many homeowners are now finding out that their hurricane insurance coverage may have been within the recommended guidelines but is wholly […]

A Hurricane Preparedness Resource List

We’ve been lucky so far. A major hurricane hasn’t hit us in years, but that doesn’t mean it will not come around this year. Florida’s population has grown massively and many new residents have no idea how to prepare. Let’s start with the basics. Tropical Storm vs. Hurricane: A tropical storm shows the same cyclonic […]

2016 Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Part 2: Make a Plan

Once you have the basics that we covered in part one, you need to develop your hurricane preparedness plan all the way home. You can start by checking out this guide from the United States Coast Guard, it covers the basics and more about what supplies you will need from first-aid kits to the hardware […]

2016 Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Part 1: Stocking Up

It’s time to get ready again for hurricane season. Even if we haven’t had a direct hit in more than 10 years, there is always the potential that a hurricane or tropical storm could wreak havoc with South Florida. A lot of people have moved into the area in the past 11 years who have […]

Hurricane 101: What You Need to Do

If your first answer to the news that a hurricane is on its way is, “Throw a hurricane party! Whoo!” then you need much more help than this article can give you. For the rest of you, read on to find out what you need to do in order to make it through the storm. […]

Words Can Never Harm You (Unless It’s a Cyclone)

When you ask a citizen of a coastal area in Florida or Louisiana what they fear the most, hurricanes are likely to get top billing. These tropical cyclones can range anywhere from sixty to well over 2500 miles in diameter, wreaking havoc at sea and bringing ruin to coastal areas through a combination of wind […]

Close the Shutters! Inclement Weather Protection for Your Home

If you live along the coast, anywhere from Maine to Texas, you’ve probably dealt with at least one hurricane before. The resulting damage can be anywhere from nonexistent to devastating; the sudden changes of pressure, the buffeting rain and the biting wind can do a number on any standing structure, and it’s no surprise that […]