Insurance and Tailgating Fails: Five Amazing things Your Insurance Will Pay For

Tailgating season is upon us. Well, more like it’s always on, but it gets the most attention in football season. It’s one of the grand traditions of being a sports fan – getting together with a few thousand people in a parking lot and grilling some good eats. It’s come a long way from a […]

Law and Ordinance Coverage 101

Insurance policies are written to indemnify the insured against damage or loss. They are not so that it ends up in a better position than they were prior to a loss. This is done to prevent incentives to having or creating losses that would end up costing the insurance company, and by extension other policyholders. […]

Really Dumb Ideas: “But It’s Paid For” Edition

Q: If I pay my car off do I still need to carry comprehensive and collision insurance? A: There are a lot of different factors to consider before changing your auto insurance coverage. While you may have been required to carry full coverage while paying off your car loan, common wisdom says that you should […]

Uncovering the Differences Between Stock and Mutual Insurance Companies

When it comes to insurance coverage, two big types of organizations dominate the industry – stock and mutual firms. However, if you’re not a market insider already, chances are a little insight is required in order to understand the comparison between these two types of companies. To help bring you up to speed, here’s everything […]