You might not know this, but your home is more than likely without some very vital fire prevention equipment. You might have fire extinguishers, you might have your escape routes all planned out, and you may even change batteries in your smoke detector every six months, but if you don’t have a sprinkler system, you could be missing out on a critical tool in fire prevention. You’re accustomed to seeing sprinkler systems in commercial buildings, newer schools, and public buildings like shopping malls and hotels. If you live in a new high-rise condominium building, odds are you are familiar with these. Fire sprinkler systems are not just for new construction or big project, they can’t be one of the best possible home improvement projects you could undertake.

Smoke detectors are triggered to activate and give an alarm when the sensor detects smoke, not heat. Fire sprinklers activate individually at 165 degrees Fahrenheit and are the most effective method for stopping fires in their early stages, often even before the fire department can arrive. This prevents the spread of flames, heat, and toxic smoke, and it uses far less water than the fire department would use to put out an established fire. This can save you thousands of dollars in losses, since a home with a sprinkler system will typically experience an average of $2,000 in losses versus over $45,000 in a home without protection.

New construction is more likely to have sprinklers already installed than older homes, but if you are re-piping or extensively renovating your older home, looking at a sprinkler system may be an excellent way to both protect your investment and reduce your total insurance bill. Think about what would add value to a home, and err on the side of features as opposed to the side of things. While a new bathroom with a separate shower and Roman tub might sound divine, and granite kitchen countertops make the cook’s eyes shine, the features that most people want to see are the ones that support and create a safe home. If you are looking at a new home, keep in mind that the cost of installing sprinklers in a new construction home is typically one percent of the total building costs.

There are firms that will install new sprinkler systems to existing homes, commercial or industrial buildings, and apartment homes. You can have a sprinkler system that is attached to your main plumbing, or has its own system, though the system linked to your plumbing will be lower in cost. You should have this work done only by a Florida licensed professional and strictly adhere to all local permit requirements. They can best determine the placement of the sprinkler heads throughout your property and make sure that the system functions perfectly year after year. It is not recommended that you undertake this project as a DIY. Give us a call once your system is installed and we will be happy to lower your premiums.