Home Hazards for the Holidays: Naughty List Edition

The holidays are supposed to be merry and bright, but there are lots of home hazards lurking in the lights and tinsel. Fires, poisoning, and dangers lurk for the unwary – and especially for children and pets. Keep this list handy, and mitigate home hazards as you find them. Home Hazards for Kids: If you […]

Is Your Florida Pool Safe?

In 2002, a little girl died before her mother’s eyes in a horrible and preventable accident. Virginia Graeme Baker died as a result of what is called “suction entrapment” in a family friend’s hot tub, held to the bottom by 700 pounds of suction from a drain. Fifteen years later, after a fair bit of […]

Putting the Ban on Using Cell Phones While Driving

One of the most popular questions we get is about the legality of using a cell phone in your car to talk or text. On the question of using a cell phone to talk, in the State of Florida there are no limits while driving whether you are using a headset that feeds only into […]

Home Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

You might not know this, but your home is more than likely without some very vital fire prevention equipment. You might have fire extinguishers, you might have your escape routes all planned out, and you may even change batteries in your smoke detector every six months, but if you don’t have a sprinkler system, you […]

Zika Prevention and Protection for Miami Residents

Florida and the mosquitos have a long and storied history, from yellow fever and malaria in colonial times to West Nile and now Zika. Mosquitos carry a variety of diseases and even parasites, and spread them by taking blood from one infected person, then biting another. Mosquito Borne Diseases: Zika virus West Nile virus Eastern […]

Play It Safe – What to Do When You Have a Pool

Having a pool can be one of the greatest things you can do for your home. It’s a family gathering place, a play area, and a great excuse for a party. Unfortunately it is also something that can increase your homeowners’ insurance payments. The CDC documents that around 10 people per day die from drowning, […]

Are You Ready for a Charge of Vehicular Homicide?

Recently a driver in Minnesota was charged with felony vehicular homicide resulting in death, among other charges such as careless driving and unlawful use of a wireless communications device while driving. The driver received and opened two messages at 3:57, and the accident was reported at 3:58. The victim, a 40 year-old bicyclist and mother […]

Coverage for Your Contents

Your “to-do” list just keeps growing this time of year. Problem is, some things – like protecting yourself – are easy to overlook. But the two quickest ways to ruin your family’s holiday cheer are burglary and accidental damage, often to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars during the holiday season. Protect […]