Auto InsuranceAuto insurance is rarely a fun topic to bring up at the dinner table or with friends. However, unlike the latest blockbuster movie or your favorite book, this discussion often carries a significant amount of real-life implications – especially when the subject of rate increases enters the picture. To keep you informed and aware about what’s going on with your plan, let’s spend a few minutes looking over some of the reasons why your insurance rates go up as well as what you can do to keep them down.

Being Yourself

Unfortunately, one of the biggest things that can spike your auto insurance is not based on what you actually do during the daily events of your life. As Stephanie Christensen of Investopedia points out, being unmarried and without children puts you in a higher risk demographic than other adults who embody these qualities.

Additionally, if you’re a male under the age of 26, insurers also see you as more likely to engage in less than cautious behavior on the road. While it might seem unfair to lump these groups into large categories and increase rates, the statistics regarding driving habits and patterns have unfortunately led policymakers to assume this path as the best course of action.

Skipping out on Insurance

Another major factor that goes into increasing your rates when compared to other drivers is your history with insurance coverage. Christensen goes on to note that auto insurance providers don’t look kindly upon drivers that have previously skipped out on insurance – even if it was just for a few days or weeks. While it might seem like a good idea to save a few bucks now, seeing your premiums jump when you return to coverage can definitely shift this opinion in the other direction fairly quickly.

Poor Driving Habits

Of course, the biggest reason why these organizations raise rates comes directly from what you do on the road, according to Kat Zeman of Fox Business. If you’ve caused an accident via reckless driving or received a DUI/DWI citation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when this rate starts to rise. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with having a love for fast cars, but it’s hard to question why your provider wants to increase your premium if your daily driver is better suited for a race track than it is for your commute to work.

Keeping Rates Low

While you can’t control some of the factors that go into the equation behind these rates, there are still plenty of variables within your grasp when it comes to how much you pay for auto insurance. First off, make it a point to drive defensively. Even if you’re running late to work or school, staying calm and abiding by the law of the road can help save you more money in the long run.

Also, before purchasing a car, connect with your insurance agent to make sure that this vehicle model doesn’t have a history of increased premiums. It might kill a bit of the fun of shopping for a new car, but your future self will definitely appreciate the foresight of avoiding high risk brands and models. With these tips in hand, as well as the rest of what you’ve learned about the causes behind increasing auto insurance rates, there’s no reason you should ever be caught off guard again when you open your monthly bill.