Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates in Florida

Florida still has no-fault auto insurance – at least for the moment. However, just because Florida has a no-fault auto insurance system, that does not mean that outside factors do not influence how much people pay for insurance. From credit score to type of car, to the neighborhood where you live we’re going to look […]

Tips to Find Cheap Car Insurance in Miami

When you’re trying to find cheap car insurance in Miami, it might seem like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. However, with the right amount of searching and the help of your friendly neighborhood auto insurance professionals, you can enjoy affordable car insurance rates. Tips to Find Cheap Car Insurance in Miami It’s […]

Why you should get a new auto insurance quote every 6 months?

Much like a rental unit, car insurance rates change daily, making it wise to obtain a new auto insurance quote every six months. Insurance protects drivers from financial burdens if they’re in an accident. Not only that but auto insurance is a requirement in the state of Florida. Since having coverage for your vehicle is […]

What You Really Get With Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

You’ve seen the ads everywhere. Car insurance for $29.99 per month or even as low as $19.99 per month. This can look very attractive, especially if you’re short on cash. But what these low prices don’t tell you is the kind of coverage that you’re getting for your money. A very wise man once said, […]

Is Florida Personal Injury Protection About to Pop?

Once upon a time, an experiment with no-fault insurance promised to lower Florida drivers’ insurance rates. Back in 2012, it seemed that no-fault with PIP was the wave of the future, promising to bring relief to drivers hammered by rate increases. Since 2015 rates have gone up by over 25 percent after what had been […]

Is there a Car Bubble?

Everyone has heard of real estate bubbles, stock market bubbles, commodity bubbles, but can there be such a thing as a car bubble? The economy is improving, and people are more secure about taking out loans and lines of credit. NBC reports that Americans are buying cars in high numbers after years of record low […]

The Truth about $19 Miami Auto Insurance

There have been a deluge of ads offering car owners and drivers cheap car insurance for as low as $19. Imagine that—paying as low as $19 for a required insurance would surely make anyone smile. However, there are skeptics who started to doubt the authenticity of such offer. According to some articles, there might not […]

PIP Fraud Claims Impacting Your Auto Insurance

Florida’s Personal Injury Protection for auto insurance was established to ensure shorter payment delays for injured drivers. For the last several years though, the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has seen quite a phenomenal surge in PIP claims and PIP payments. The figures were highly suspicious since the numbers of road accidents involving drivers and […]

Pricy Presents: Florida’s Most Costly Cars to Insure

Insuring a car isn’t always a just matter of picking a company and signing a policy. Believe it or not, the type of car that you drive can make a huge impact on your insurance costs—and not just because of age. The most costly cars to insure are often some of the newest and fastest, […]

Less Means More When Paying for Insurance

Have you ever heard the phrase “you get what you pay for?” Well, when it comes to insurance that saying may just be flipped on its head. While getting cheap car insurance may seem more cost-effective, the fact that cheap policies offer extremely limited coverage can actually lead to higher overall costs in the long […]