Canadians in South Florida

When the time comes for retirement or finding a second home for vacation or seasonal living, South Florida is a popular location. This is true for people from all over North America, but you might be surprised at just how many Canadians in South Florida there are. These so-called “snowbirds” are some of the area’s biggest fans of the balmy weather and beautiful backdrops – and the real estate that comes with it.

With Property Comes Property Insurance

Having a second home isn’t all about sunny, carefree days. For those who are thinking of investing in a second home or vacation property, the thought of insuring that property is also likely to be a high priority. After all, a person who is able to afford multiple properties is likely to understand the value of a good insurance policy – or at least be able to hire someone who does!

Once you’ve chosen a beautiful South Florida property, it’s time to decide on how much insurance coverage you will need to protect it. Unlike traditional homeowners’ insurance, policies that cover second, seasonal, or vacation properties can be riskier and more difficult to obtain, since these homes may sit empty for months at a time or may be rented to other tenants for long periods of time. When renting or allowing others to use a second home while you are not occupying it, you also encounter liability issues that can make insuring the property even more complicated.

The best course of action is to choose an insurance policy and provider that are designed with secondary or seasonal homes in mind. That way, the coverage takes all of this into consideration and provides the type of coverage owners need – at price points that make sense.

Partnering with Fellow Canadians in South Florida

Wouldn’t it be nice if the many people who move from Canada to South Florida each year for retirement or seasonal living could speak to someone with similar life experience and knowledge when insuring their second homes? While that may seem far-fetched, it’s more likely than you’d think, given the vast number of people who use southern Florida as a getaway from even the beautiful expanse of Canada for several months at a time – or even for the length of their golden years.

Ready to learn more about insuring a property in the South Florida area? Who better to trust than a local insurance agency run by two Canadians in South Florida? E & L Insurance Services Inc. of Miami was created and is run by two people originally from Canada, who understand the needs of those with a second property in southern Florida. When you want someone who is truly on your side and understands the unique perspective of someone from both the bold, beautiful north and sweet, slow south, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company better suited than one helmed by people with that unique experience under their belt.

For more information on how their expertise and experience can help you create the perfect homeowner’s policy for your property, contact E & L Insurance today at 1-888-700-4049!