Florida home improvement

Spring and summer are the seasons when many Florida homeowners consider home improvement projects. If you’re one of the many Floridians thinking of giving your home a makeover this year, consider choosing an improvement project that won’t just improve your space – it will also improve your property value.

Have Your Home Checked Out

Not sure what kind of Florida home improvement project will give you the greatest return on your investment? Start with finding out which projects would be the most beneficial – or which are the most urgent – for your home.

Inviting a home inspection or appraisal specialist over to your home for even a single hour can have a huge impact on the future of improvement on your property. Let someone who has an eye for property value help you decide which projects to invest in. They can help you make a short list of cosmetic and necessary improvements that will make your home safer, cleaner, and more beautiful – as well as more valuable.

Paint – Simple, Affordable and Effective

A paint job is one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to improve your home’s value. Maybe your teenagers chose a garish color for their bedrooms or your home’s previous owner kept their interiors dark and drab. Whatever your reason for choosing a new coat of paint is, it’s a quick fix for improving your home’s value in as little as a single weekend.

Choosing neutral tones and lighter colors is a great way to give your space a timeless look that will improve life at home – and your house’s resale value!

Cutting Energy Costs Can Boost Property Value

When it comes to improving your property value, one type of Florida home improvement that few people consider – but which they really should – is the reduction of energy costs. In a state like Florida, especially, energy costs can soar from heating and cooling needs. Look into better windows, a more effective cooling system, and other small improvements that can drastically improve your energy costs. This won’t just save you money now – it will also make you a lot more money if you choose to sell your home later!

Which Florida Home Improvement Projects Will Most Increase Your Property Value 2

Landscape, But Keep It Low-Maintenance

Landscaping is a great way to improve your home’s value. However, it is imperative that you choose the right landscaping elements. Some can have major, positive impacts on your property values with little to no maintenance efforts on your part. Choose several low-maintenance trees or other plants, or stone and brick elements that can be easily kept clean and attractive. Spend a little upfront and enjoy your landscaping for the long-term, as well as its boost to your home’s value.

Make an Impact with Your Entrance

A better, brighter, and more attractive entrance to your home doesn’t just make it easier to locate your home – it can have a positive impact on your entire property’s value.

Simplify Your Home’s Features to Prevent a Dated Look

Have popcorn ceilings or wood trim that makes your home look like something out of your parents’ generation? Simplify these features for a more timeless look – and a better home value, too.

Make Your Home and Property Look Larger – Without Actually Expanding It

A bigger home is worth more – but can you increase your property values without increasing the size of your lot or home?

The answer is yes. Change your floor plan to create an open concept. Get rid of extra furnishings to create the look of more space. Use lighter colors, thinner curtains and draperies, and more minimal decor to create a more open feeling and a space that looks larger. Do the same with your landscaping to create the illusion of more space outside, as well.

Let the Light In

When it comes to creating the illusion of more space – and just making your home look and feel more comfortable – nothing works quite as well as adding or improving windows. More natural light increases your home’s value and your experience living inside it.

Focus on the Kitchen

A kitchen or bathroom improvement is a sure bet when it comes to boosting value. Focus on renovating the kitchen exclusively if your budget is limited and see a great return on your investment.

Talk a Walk Through a Refloored Home

New floors make your entire home feel like a new space. Refinish wood floor or install new ones. Take up old carpet and replace dated linoleum with classic, timeless tile. Your feet – and property values – will thank you.

Upgrade Appliances

Looking to make your home look great, work better, and be worth more? Choose a couple of sleek, new appliances and watch your home take on a whole new feel – and a better value, too.

Guard Your Gutters

Floridian homeowners see a lot of rain. A great gutter system adds value by protecting the interior and exterior of your home. Add guards or an easier-to-clean system for the best return on your investment.

Touch Up Your Home’s Exterior

From a new garage door to putting a stone facade on your home’s exterior, a touch-up to the outside of your house can really drive the value upward. New siding, new paint, a new roof – there are so many options for how to improve the way your house looks from the curb, and all of it can lead to improved property values.

Choose the Right Florida Home Improvement Projects and Decrease Insurance Costs

Many homeowners do not realize that Florida home improvement projects can have a major impact on insurance costs. Focusing your home improvement efforts on projects that can reduce insurance rates over the course of several years – such as those that help you avoid deferred and ongoing maintenance – can have a dramatic and positive impact on the savings there are to be had. Oftentimes, a noticeable drop in your insurance rates could be a single, affordable project away!

For more information on how choosing the right Florida home improvement project can positively impact your insurance costs right alongside your property values, talk to the experts at E & L Insurance today!