The Fate of Florida Flood Insurance: It’s Time for the Senate to Act

The year 2017 brought with it one of the most historically devastating hurricane seasons, resulting in an unprecedented $200+ billion in damages for the U.S. With numbers like these, you’d think that preparations would be in place for the 2018 season. But not so much: The National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, which provides affordable […]

Do You Need Florida Flood Insurance?

If you currently reside in the state, then yes, you most likely need Florida flood insurance. Why? It’s predicted that catastrophic storms like Hurricane Irma and Harvey are likely going to be a continuing trend as the ocean waters warm. Moreover, flood maps confuse homeowners and they misunderstand the risks involved with forgoing flood insurance. […]

What Is the Cost of Flood Insurance in Florida?

We’ve had a wild ride in the past two months, and it looks like we could be facing more storms teeing up in the South Atlantic. At the moment, the 10 year lull between major storms seems less like a reprieve and more like Mother Nature’s “Gotcha, suckers!” There are some questions if Florida’s private […]

Florida Got Soaked in June, Many Without Flood Coverage

We told you so. The run up to summer turned out to be a case of good news/bad news. First, the good news – heavy rains doused drought conditions that contributed to over 2500 wildfires across the state. The bad news is still piling up. When early rain began to soak SoFlo in early June, […]

Miami Goes High as Flooding Increases

Flooding is not news to anyone who has lived in Miami for any length of time. Super moons, spring tides, storm tides, flooding from rainfall, and even just the odd high tide can push anywhere from a few inches to a foot or two of water into Miami streets and parking garages. Since 2006, the […]

How Much Will Flood Insurance Cost in Florida?

One of the first things that Florida homebuyers learn is that flood and windstorm insurance is a can’t-do-without part of being a Florida homeowner. The next thing they learn is that they might not be able to get a mortgage without it. They then call us and ask, “What is the cost of flood insurance […]

Insurance Checklist for 2017

The new year is coming around again, and just like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, it’s time to review your insurance coverage to make sure that you are covered for any changes in your status, or just to shop around for better rates. Here’s a little checklist to keep you on track! Homeowner’s/ […]

Flood Insurance: We Hate to Say that We Told You So

But we told you so, and told you so, and told… you get the idea. Matthew is on target to become one of the costliest storms on record with hundreds of millions of dollars in claims filed, and on the Gulf Coast a visit from Hermine in September has FEMA looking at buyouts of homes […]

Flood Damage vs. Water Damage: Why You Need a Flood Policy

When water damages your home, you typically don’t care where the water came from – you just want it fixed. Water damage whether it’s from a flood or other source left without remediation can lead to structural damage, mold, and rot. First, let’s define what conditions comprise a flood. The definition of a flood is […]

Above It All: Flood Insurance and Hi-Rises

Q: I’m just getting ready to close on a great condo that’s everything I ever wanted. It’s in an awesome neighborhood and the beach is right there when I walk out on the balcony. There’s also a very puzzling requirement that my lender has for a unit on the 16th floor. If there’s a flood […]