Florida Got Soaked in June

We told you so.

The run up to summer turned out to be a case of good news/bad news. First, the good news – heavy rains doused drought conditions that contributed to over 2500 wildfires across the state. The bad news is still piling up. When early rain began to soak SoFlo in early June, rains were so heavy that flood alerts were issued across Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. Water saturated backyards were the least of residents worries as the storms seem to ignore the authoritative flood maps that govern where flood insurance is mandatory, and where it is merely voluntary. In some cases, months’ worth of rain fell in as little as two or three days.

It’s Not Over Yet

Keeping an eye on the weather is an important part of keeping your home and your family safe, and Florida is literally 18.5 percent water. 18.5 percent of our state is covered in water. With the addition of this endless freight train of downpours, our groundwater is getting a lot more than it can handle. Even people who are in areas that rarely flood are feeling the effects, and if they didn’t have flood insurance in place to protect their homes, they are taking a huge hit to the wallet.


Homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage. Not even in areas where you’re not required to have flood insurance. There is no such thing as an area that is safe from flooding, even the Zone X designation means only that the average flood is less than one foot deep. Not even second floor dwellers are immune, as even a one foot flood can render a building uninhabitable without ever causing a damp spot on the carpet.

Saving Money vs. Losing Money

When you live in a zone where flood insurance is not required, it’s easy to think about saving a few bucks by skimping on flood insurance. You look at the premiums, look at the maps, and figure the odds. Well, what are the odds of getting 15 inches of rain in just a matter of weeks? Insurance is not about the stuff you know is coming like tropical storms or hurricanes, it’s about the stuff that you don’t know is coming, like a week-long train of thunderstorms dropping inches of rain on areas that normally see that many inches in a single rainfall. If you are betting that your home would be safe from flooding, you’re placing an awful big bet on a roll of the dice. Even just an inch of water on your ground-floor can do thousands of dollar’s worth of damage to flooring, wiring, drywall, and even foundations.

Get Covered

Come by our office and talk to an independent insurance agent about getting coverage that will prevent huge losses in the event that the water rises. Nothing you can do will prevent a flood, but with insurance the aftermath of a flood will not lead you into financial ruin, will help you repair your home, and get back to normal quickly.